Biting the Dust

Date of Visit: December 2, 2012 I didn't think much of the idea of exploring an old cement factory.  It doesn't sound like the most photogenic place, does it?  But I was pleasantly surprised by this location, an old factory in Indiana that closed around 1995. The climb to the top of the facility was a doozy!  It didn't really look that tall from the ground, but I think it was at least 9 stories if not more.  But up on top of the facility were the most interesting features (to me): the old numbered chutes that led down into the huge storage silos below. I had a bit of a tragedy at this particular shoot.  We started at the top and worked our way down into the bowels of the facility, underneath the silos.  It was beautiful down there but very dark, so I went to grab my tripod and realized I didn't have it with me anymore.  Somewhere along the way, I had set it down and walked away thoughtlessly, leaving it behind.  But where? I immediately began to retrace my steps back up to the top of the 9-story facility, but to no avail; the tripod eluded my sight so I had to make do with some hand-held shots, most of which turned out blurry and unusable.  I asked a friend who was exploring this same location later in the day to look for my tripod and amazingly, he found it.  Perhaps I should go back here and take some proper shots of those silos.  Yes, I think I will.

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