A Lost Lutheran Church

Date of Visit: July 14, 2012 Sometimes when I walk into abandoned structures, the vast grandeur is almost overwhelming.  It seems inconceivable that a structure built with such immense effort, and skill, and care, could be allowed to rot away.  Church sanctuaries are among the most tragic because there is a special degree of difficulty in these buildings and one would have thought that the people who attended these churches would have cared enough about them to keep them inhabited?   It's easier to understand when the congregation that originally inhabited the church has vanished from the area; however, in the case of this spectacular 1895 Lutheran church, the declining congregation decided to move to a smaller building next door, and have inexplicably allowed the magnificent church to decay right in front of them.  I understand that the cost of heating and maintaining such an immense structure would be prohibitive, but to not even ensure that it's boarded up or protected from the elements?  And rumor has it they really just want to tear it down and are allowing it to decay to justify the demolition.  Now that's a sin!

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