The Sad Death of Mr. Toad

Date of Visit: December 22, 2012 This is Mr. Toad.  He was a towboat parked along the Illinois River near the town of Chillicothe, Illinois.  He was built by the Alexander Shipyards of New Orleans in 1951.  His original named was "Coal King" but he also went by "A.V. Criss," "Ethel Marie" and "Eva Mae Hamm".  I like Mr. Toad the best. I visited him in December of 2012.  We climbed aboard and explored the entire boat, but there really wasn't much to photograph inside.  But I liked him.  I thought it would be awfully cosy to live aboard a boat like Mr. Toad. But Mr. Toad had been sitting there out of service for quite awhile.  It was obvious that it would take a lot of work to fix him up, and we weren't surprised when we learned a few months later that he was going to be scrapped. On Saturday, July 27, 2013, some salvage workers were cutting him up for scrap when he caught on fire.  It was a sad way for such a faithful ship to go out.  I'll miss you, Mr. Toad.  

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