Once-Grand Apartments

Date of Visit: January 12, 2013 Abandoned apartment buildings seem like they would be fascinating explorations: all those rooms full of hints into the lives of the people who once lived there! And I'm sure they are if you hit them at the right time.  Unfortunately, most of the apartment buildings I've been in are well past their prime, and there's very little left to convey any individuality in the units. Such is the case with the apartment building featured in this gallery.   It was built in 1928 and was originally the poshest of apartments in town.  Steel mill executives used to live here, and it had the best amenities and, at eight stories tall, one of the best views in the area.  But that old familiar story played out: post-war industrial decline, population loss, white flight, and decline into dilapidation.  No one has (legally) inhabited this once-elaborate building since the mid-80's. In the mid-90's they tried to renovate the apartments and started gutting the interiors, but funding dried up and the project was halted.  All that did was make the place even less interesting to explore, thank-you-very-much-false-starters! But there are still elements of beauty here, despite the fact that trees are growing on the roof, pieces of the facade have fallen off onto the sidewalk, there are gaping holes in the walls, and ...  well, you'll see. But still, despite the decay, I can feel the elegance.  It's still there... amid the dust.

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  1. Anyone else want to go in with a pry bar, drill and pick up truck? Those cabinets are fantastic, but like most old buildings, I bet the plaster you’d have to crush to get them out is the only thing holding some of the walls up due to water damage. (which looks to be the downfall of most of the building, improper drainage) Ahh, for the construction of yesteryear!

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