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Fatal Accident

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July 22, 1865
Shakopee Argus

Fatal Accident.

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Fatal Accident. — On last Monday a most shocking accident occurred at Spring Lake, in this county. The victim was a Mr. Ringrose, who was employed in the sawmill at that place, while engaged in adjusting a belt on one of the wheels, was caught and dragged into the machinery and instantly crushed to pieces. — There was no one near at the time, and he was found a few minutes afterwards by another of the employees of the mill, a frightfully mangled corpse. He was a returned soldier, and had been at home but a few days when he was thus torn from family and friends, just as his security from death seemed to have become the most perfect. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his untimely fate.

Since the above was in type we have learned some of that particulars of the sad affair. — It appears that the belt wheel had no flange and the belt frequently ran off the wheel as it did in this instance, and had to be put on again while in motion; the deceased upon seeing the belt come off, went to put it on, and did so, but just as it snapped on to the wheel it caught his left arm, when he was instantly rolled in between the belt and the wheel, which was going at the rate of sixty revolutions per minute. The owner of the mill, Mr. Turner, was upstairs at the time, and noticed a curious action in the machinery and heard an occasional thud, but attributed it to some trifling cause; in about fifteen minutes after he had first noticed it he determined to go below and see the occasion of the noise, when he found the body in the position described. —  He immediately stopped the mill and, with assistance, extricated the body of the unfortunate man. His arms and legs were broken into twenty or thirty pieces, and the flesh literally stripped therefrom, pieces of which were found in every direction; his body was ground to a pumice and blood was thrown thirty feet. One of his feet was found the next day, and pieces of flesh were picked up for several days after in and about the mill.

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A Dreadful Result of Intoxication

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December 9, 1887

A Dreadful Result of Intoxication.


NEW YORK, Dec. 9.–The wife of James Colbourne, a painter, living at 119 Sullivan street, gave birth to a child last night and at midnight Colbourne came in drunk. He stumbled about, and finally fell across the bed where the child lay. The child was crushed so that it died, and the father was arrested and to-day was held for examination.

From the Collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1887 Morbid Scrapbook

Fearful Death Of A Young Wife

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Obituary, Norfolk, VA – June 22, 1869

The wife of Hezekiah Greenlee, of Mason County, West Virginia, was instantly killed a few days since, under circumstances of a most distressing character. In company with her husband she was returning home by a near path through the woods from a neighbor’s where her husband had been at work during the day. They were walking hand in hand, not dreaming of any danger, when a dead tree they had just passed suddenly fell brushing the shoulder of Greenlee and striking his wife on the top of the head, crushing her to the earth so that her remains could scarcely be recognized as those of a human being. Strange to say Mr. Greenlee was not injured in the least, further than being stunned for a few moments. The evening was a calm one, and it is supposed that the tree, which was rotten at the roots, gave way from it’s own weight. Mrs. Greenlee had been married a little less than six weeks.


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Crushed to a Shapeless Mass

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Latin Reader – January 18, 1886-1890


Crushed to a Shapeless Mass.

Doylestown, Jan. 18.—Edwin Beck, aged 20 years, who has been working in the Belgian block quarry near Quakertown, was instantly killed yesterday, eight tons of rock having fallen upon him. The rock was thrown 100 feet from an adjoining quarry. Beck saw the large stone coming and started to run, but tripped, and the rock fell upon him, literally crushing his body to a shapeless mass..


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Crushed By A Large Stone

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Culled from the 1892 Morbid Scrapbook


While a gang of men were engaged in digging a culvert on Kitcher’s lane, near Carpenter street, Germantown, yesterday, a large stone became loosened and fell. All the men escaped except Antonio Ameras, thirty-five years old, of 4683 Morris street, who was seriously injured. He was taken to the Germantown Hospital, where it was found that he had sustained fractures of his nose and thigh and serious internal injuries. It is feared that he will not recover.

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

Another Victim of the Elevator

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Steele Scrapbook – January 23, 1886


YORK, Pa., Jan. 15.–August C. Abe, a carpenter, aged thirty-two years, was this evening helping to put the finishing touches to a new elevator at C. A. Baylor’s cigar factory, and was standing at the bottom of the elevator shaft, the car being forty feet above him at the fourth floor. Proprietor Baylor stepped on the car, which caused the cable to slip from its temporary fastenings, and it descended with great celerity to the bottom of the shaft, carrying Mr. Baylor with it. He escaped serious injury, but Abe was killed.