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At Rest At Last

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December 23, 1886


The Closing Chapter of the Sad Story of Miss Pickel’s Life.

VINCENNES, Ind., Dec. 17 –A message was received from the Indiannapolis [sic] Insane Asylum at the home of Miss Lydia Pickel a day or two ago which reveals the last chapter of a sad story. The message was as follows: “Lydia Pickel is lying at the point of death. Come if you wish to see her alive.” The dying girl lived in Harrodsburg, Lawrence county. She was on [sic] of a numerous family. She accumulated a snug sum of money, which she was ambitious to invest to the best advantage. She learned that under the Homestead law she could secure a considerable tract of land with her little store of money, and with this thought in view she set out for the west. 

On the way to her destination she had to travel a long way by stage coach. One night the coach was entered by several drunken cowboys. Seeing a defenceless [sic] woman was the only occupant of the coach save themselves, they attacked her. It will never perhaps be known what really took place in the stage coach on the lonely prairie that night. It is only known that the poor girl escaped from her persecutors by jumping from the coach.

Three or four days later a woman with most of her clothes torn from her person was found wandering aimlessly about on the open prairie. When captured she was found to be hopelessly insane. Fortunately a man from Lawrence county, Indiana, was present and he at once identified her as Miss Lydia Pickel, whom he had known from childhood. A guard was provided and the poor girl was sent home, and from there to the State Asylum for the Insane. Her case was beyond the power of human skill, her mental ailment being long since pronounced incurable. Her physical health had given out.


Culled from the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair: the 1886 Morbid Scrapbook.

Ill Treatment Of A Girl

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Steele Scrapbook – July 19, 1885


Ill Treatment of a Girl.

LEBANON, July 19.—Steward Klein, a stalwart farmer of the Toush Valley, along the Blue Mountains, yesterday unmercifully horsewhipped Sarah Linke, aged 19, a maid employed in his family, beating the girl beneath a willow tree in the rear yard of his premises until she sank writhing to the ground and confessed that she had told an untruth.

When Mrs. Klein returned home yesterday she found the house in disorder, the infant neglected and the girl locked in her room. When Sarah was, with difficulty, induced to come out, she said she had taken refuge there to escape Mr. Klein. The latter proved by his son and hired man, however, that he had not left the field during his wife’s absence, and then whipped Sarah until she retracted the charge. Sarah’s father had Klein arrested, but, on learning of the girl’s confession, withdrew the suit and paid the costs. The girl has disappeared.


Stripped From The Fingers Of Alf

Assaulted In His Pulpit

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Steele Scrapbook – August 31, 1885




At the Mention of General Grant’s Name the Excited Layman Leaves His Pew and Rushing Up the Aisle Violently Assaults the Preacher.


YORK, Aug. 31.—A decided sensation was created in Winterstown, this county, yesterday, by J. H. P. Fulton, a well-known resident of the village. Rev. J. F. Shultz, of Sprewsburg, pastor of the circuit embracing the Winterstown Evangelical Church, some time ago announced that yesterday he would preach a grand memorial sermon. Fulton gave notice that such a sermon should not be preached in that church. But little attention was paid to his threat and on Sunday Rev. Mr. Shultz announced his text and proceeded with his sermon, enumerating great men of ancient and modern times. Fulton sat quietly until General Grant’s name was mentioned when he sprang to his feet, brandished his arms and cried to the minister: “Stop that!” The preacher continued his discourse and Fulton advanced up the aisle. Great confusion prevailed, which reached a crisis when the angry member sprang into the pulpit and violently assaulted the minister, knocking him down. A rush was made by the congregation to defend to pastor and in the melee one man received a blow from Fulton’s fist and another had his clothing torn. Order was finally restored and the sermon finished. Fulton will probably be prosecuted. It is said he has left the place.


Forced From The Grasp Of Alf