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Dr. Gruel Is Missing

Posted by – November 18, 2013

1892 Morbid Scrapbook


He Failed to Respond When His Case Came Up in Court.

When the case of Dr. Louis Gruel, of 905 North Fifth street, was called up before Judge Allison yesterday he failed to appear , and a bench warrant was immediately issued for his arrest and placed in the hands of officers to be served. They went at once to his house, and were informed by his wife that he was out of town, and she could not tell when he would return. It is believed that the Doctor has skipped the town, and will not voluntarily come back.

Gruel is charged with conspiracy to ruin the reputation of Mrs. Annita Hilgert, the young Spanish wife of Adolph Hilgert. It is charged that he visited the home of Mrs. Hilgert’s mother-in-law, and entered into a conspiracy with her to effect the young woman’s ruin. She was induced to drink some wine, and the mother-in-law left them alone. The Doctor then, it is alleged, attempted to assault her. She escaped, and ran to a neighbor’s house.


Now we know why Mother-In-Laws get such a bad rep!
From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook