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Borne From a Flaming Bier

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Latin Reader – 1895



Exciting Scenes Precede the
Funeral of Mrs. Henry Vollmer.

The funeral of Mrs. Henry Vollmer who resided at No. 1732 Passyunk avenue, and came very near being burned up in her coffin, took place yesterday morning. Late Tuesday night, while Undertaker Ebert and Mrs. Annie O’Donnell, of No. 1717 Jackson street were preparing the remains in the casket for the funeral, a candle from an altar near the bier toppled over and fell upon a floral pillow of artificial flowers. These blazed up like tinder, and Mrs. O’Donnell was severely burned carrying the burning pillow out of doors. The artificial flowers’ fire had, moreover, communicated to the curtains. The latter were burning furiously when the bereaved husband, with his two elder sons, entered the room and together they carried the casket and remains out of the reach of the flames. Anne Vollmer, the youngest child in the family, was so shocked that she fainted.

The fire caused damage amounting to about $200, and destroyed most of the floral tributes. A few sparks also fell into the casket, and damaged some of the lace.

After the excitement had subsided the body was removed to the house of Mrs. Mary Jackson, No. 1728 Passyunk avenue, where the funeral took place yesterday.


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Children Played Beside the Dead

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Latin Reader – March 24, 1895



Pathetic Side of a Horrible Murder and Suicide.

Toronto, Ont., March 24.—A shocking murder and suicide startled the residents of Jarvis street this morning. The victims were John Bell and Sarah Swallow. They had been living as man and wife and were found dead in bed this morning, the heads of both almost severed from the bodies. The woman was evidently killed by her paramour, who had then immediately slain himself.

In one corner of the room, where the bodies were discovered, a couple of little children, 4 and 6 years old, were found on a cot playing with picture blocks, unconscious of the horror in the bed adjacent to them. They were the children of the woman’s dead husband.

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Beat Out a Brother’s Brains

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Latin Reader – March 19, 1895



Made a Maniac by Seeing His Wife Knocked Down.

Bangor, Me., March 19.
A shocking case of fratricide occurred in North Cannel, about ten miles from here, last night. Edward and Charles Thompson brothers, lived together (Charles being married) at the farm. Edward had been drinking lately and was in a quarrelsome mood. Yesterday the brothers became involved in a quarrel, and the wife of Charles tried to separate them by throwing her arms around the neck of Edward, who released his hold on his brother and attacked the wife, knocking her down, breaking her fingers and inflicting other injuries.

The screams of his wife turned Charles into a perfect maniac, and, seizing a billet of wood, he struck his brother over the head, fracturing his skull, and continued to beat him over the head until his brains ran out in a mass on the floor. The wife ran and gave the alarm. Charles was arrested and brought to this city and locked up.

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