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Chico Courant (Chico, California)
Saturday, November 18, 1865


INDIANS. – It will be seen by extracts from a letter written by Mr. Nance, of this place, that the Indians are still committing their depredations about Humboldt. Nothing but extermination will prevent them from committing their depredations. It is a false notion of humanity to save the lives of these red devils. There should be no prisoners taken, but a general sacrifice made of the whole race. The are of no benefit to themselves or mankind, but like the rattlesnake live only to slay. Like the wild beast of prey shey [sic] are necessarily exterminated by the march of civilization. The tribes of Indians upon this Coast can no more be civilized than the jaugar [sic]. If necessary let there be a crusade, and every man that can carry and shoot a gun turn out and hunt the red devils to their holes and there bury them, leaving not a root or branch of them remaining, then we shall record no more massacres. 

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair