Mysterious Tragedy In A Hotel

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1892 Morbid Scrapbook – January 31, 1892



Special Dispatch to The North American.
NEW YORK, Jan. 31.—Two strange men entered the Hotel Zur Quelle, Broome and Elm streets, kept by Wendelin Gerlach, yesterday afternoon. Both were Germans, one about thirty-five years old and the other apparently about twenty. They had dinner and two glasses of beer. When they had finished they asked for a room, and were conducted to a back one on the third floor. The older man, who had paid for their dinners, paid $2.50 more for a week’s rent of the room. About three o’clock a chambermaid went to the room and saw the older man lying on the bed apparently asleep. She didn’t see the other man. At four o’clcok she went back and found the man hanging from a rope attached to the closet door. She gave the alarm and the man was found to be dead. The younger man has disappeared. There was nothing about the dead man to identify him.


Okay, shall we hypothesize on what happened? The older man met the younger man hustling on the streets. He offered to buy a dinner for the underfed younger man for the price of one night’s ecstasy at the Hotel Zur Quelle. After dinner, they retired to their room and performed various escapades with one another, then the younger man left, having paid off his debt. The older man lay there reflecting on his sad lot in life, the wife and family he had abandoned, and his overwhelming homosexual desires, which caused him immense guilt and remorse. He decided he had nothing to live for and hung himself with the nearest piece of cord.

How close do you suppose I am?

From the collection of The Comtesse DeSpair
The 1892 Morbid Scrapbook

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  1. Cherry Ghoul says:

    I was thinking too about the older one being homosexual!! your theory it is solid!!

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