Beat Out a Brother’s Brains

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Latin Reader – March 19, 1895



Made a Maniac by Seeing His Wife Knocked Down.

Bangor, Me., March 19.
A shocking case of fratricide occurred in North Cannel, about ten miles from here, last night. Edward and Charles Thompson brothers, lived together (Charles being married) at the farm. Edward had been drinking lately and was in a quarrelsome mood. Yesterday the brothers became involved in a quarrel, and the wife of Charles tried to separate them by throwing her arms around the neck of Edward, who released his hold on his brother and attacked the wife, knocking her down, breaking her fingers and inflicting other injuries.

The screams of his wife turned Charles into a perfect maniac, and, seizing a billet of wood, he struck his brother over the head, fracturing his skull, and continued to beat him over the head until his brains ran out in a mass on the floor. The wife ran and gave the alarm. Charles was arrested and brought to this city and locked up.

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  1. Steve says:

    Sorry, I thought the title to this article meant it was a racist knockout game.

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